We help you innovate and solve your biggest challenges.

Our certified and professional innovators will help you to...

Act on Your Strategic Plan

Have you recently completed a strategic plan yet are having difficulty moving forward?

Or, have you tried strategic planning in the past and all you got were long, disconnected lists of actions that didn’t really move you forward strategically?

Good News: We can help you align or realign your strategic plan so that each action leads to a priority, each priority leads to a goal, and each goal leads you closer to your mission and vision!

We’ve used our process to develop Strategic Plans to soar above the competition.

Simply email us or book a free-consult video call to take action toward achieving your goals, mission and vision today.

Beat Inflation

Are you and your team struggling with inflation and raising costs?

Are you trying to decide between increasing taxes and fees or cutting services?

Good News: You don’t have to decide! We used our creative problem solving process to improve services while keeping property taxes below the rate of inflation for 12 years!

We will help you overcome inflation and flatten the cost curve by helping you innovate on how you provide your services.

Simply email us or book a free-consult video call to get started beating inflation today.

Clear the Roadblocks

Are you struggling to take action on a project or issue that has plagued your community or organization for years?

We empathize because we’ve been stuck too. Yet, we used our creative problem solving process to clear each roadblock and take action.

Good News: We can use the same process to help you overcome the indecision and inaction!

We'll help you define your problem, clarify your challenges, evaluate your ideas, and plan your actions to clear those historic roadblocks.

Simply email us or book a free-consult video call to start opening the road ahead today.

Say "No" to the Status Quo

Are you wanting to innovate a program, service or product and just don’t know how?

Do you have an idea of what needs to change but can’t seem to get the rest of your team going?

Is your boss demanding cost savings and you want to innovate to acheive them?

Good News: We can help! We’ve used our creative problem solving process to stop doing the “same old, same old” and developed new and innovative solutions. And, we saved money – sometimes thousands of dollars, another time, millions of dollars – through innovation!

We will help you to say “no” to the status quo and to take you to the next service, product or program level.

Simply email us or book a free-consult video call to start breaking-free from the status quo today.

Pick "High-Hanging" Fruit

Congratulation on finding the easy efficiencies – the “low-hanging fruit” – for your organization!

Now, are you feeling the pressure to innovate on the “big things” – the “high-hanging fruit” – and you don’t know how to reach them?

Good News: We can help you proactively adapt your services and deliver innovative and dramatic results!

We will use our 100% research-based and scientifically-proven creative problem solving process to help you identify, define, and solve new challenges.

Simply email us or book a free-consult video call to take the first step on the ladder to start picking that “high-hanging fruit” today.

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Did you know that

following a structured process is the

most effective way to

innovate and be creative?

The best innovation process is the
Basadur Creative Problem Solving Process.

This eight-step, 

research-based methodology 

has been validated in the world's leading scientific journals.

We'll work with you through our innovation process, harness your team’s expertise, get to the
heart of your problem,
and solve it.

What to Expect:

1) Free-Consult

Let’s have a 45-minute video call to help define the problem you want solved. We'll showcase our process and plan how we might work together at solving your challenge.

2) Proposal

We’ll meet a couple of days later to review the free-consult and our proposal. We'll present a phased approach of how to start working together to solve your greatest challenges.

3) Facilitation

After selecting the approach, we'll work together with you and your team on the agreed upon terms to and start solving your challenges!

It’s that easy to get things started and to get you and your team on your way to defining and solving your problems.

Just email us or book a free-consult video call to find out more.